ASO/OzAsia Festival II

Back in June, I travelled to Adelaide for the first part of a residency with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. It was great to catch up with the other composers who were part of the programme and discuss our plans for the pieces we would end up writing as part of the OzAsia festival. In September we were back in Adelaide for the second residency which culminated in the performance of our pieces for ensemble and guqin, a traditional Chinese instrument. All the composers produced such varied works and it was interesting to hear how each handled meshing the guqin sonority with that of the western instruments.
The featured composers were Timothy Tate, Christopher Larkin, Annie Hsieh, Lachlan Skipworth and myself. Tan Dun was also in town for the festival as his Martial Arts Trilogy was being performed by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. His film scores were played live to projections of scenes from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero and The Banquet. We were fortunate enough to also be part of a workshop with the composer who heard and commented on our works.
There’s a great write up by Annie Hsieh and Lachlan Skipworh about this session with Tan Dun here. The final concert of our works went very well in the end and overall the residency was a fantastic experience. A special thanks to James Ledger for his mentoring and conducting and also Kristina Phillipson from the ASO who coordinated the programme. A recording of my work will be available here soon.
From left to right: Annie Hsieh, Tristan Coelho, Lachlan Skipworth, James Ledger, Tan Dun, Christopher Larkin, Timothy Tate, Zhao Xiaoxia.


The wonderful ensemble comprising Dean Newcomb, clarinet, Mark Gaydon, bassoon, Martin Phillipson, trumpet, Janet Anderson, violin, Ewen Bramble, cello, Amanda Grigg, percussion, Zhao Xiaoxia, guqin.


From left to right: Kristina Phillipson, Christopher Larkin, Timothy Tate, Lachlan Skipworth, Annie Hsieh, James Ledger, Tristan Coelho.