New CD from ABC Music: Songbirds featuring Daybreak & interview about the work

New CD from ABC Music: Songbirds featuring Daybreak

ABC Music have just released Songbirds, a beautiful new album of works from Ensemble Offspring inspired by birdsong including my work, Daybreak. I recently chatted with Claire Edwardes about the piece which you can watch below:

Find out more about the Songbirds release here.

Link to streaming services here.


1. FIONA LOADER Lorikeet Corroboree

2. HOLLIS TAYLOR / JON ROSE Owens Springs Reserve 2014

3. BRETT DEAN Notes from the Twittersphere

4. JANE STANLEY Desert Rose (from Four Desert Flowers)

5. FELICITY WILCOX People of this Place


GERARD BROPHY Beautiful Birds

7. I. Lyrebirds

8. II. Flamingos

9. III. Hummingbirds

10. HOLLIS TAYLOR / JON ROSE Bitter Springs Creek 2014

11. KATE MOORE Blackbird Song